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While there are many commercial photography courses, schools and programs available to the aspiring photographer who is hoping for a commercial photography job once they get out of school or complete their program, nearly all of the courses are woefully inadequate when it comes to the business aspects of commercial photography.

The focus of these programs is on commercial photography shooting and posing, plus lighting and creative techniques, with little more than a day (in-person course) or a few minutes (video course) spent learning about the critical business aspects of being a professional commercial photographer.

The business of commercial photography is the most important part of being a commercial photographer, because that knowledge is what enables a photographer to run a business and make a salary, not just shoot nice photos.

Most photographers can make nice photos, but few can successfully run a commercial photography business.

And there are very few salaried commercial photography jobs available, so 99% of new commercial photographers end up freelancing once they complete their photography course.

Countless new commercial photographers graduate from expensive programs or finish low-priced video tutorials without knowing much at all about things like how to price, market, negotiate, organize, produce a shoot and run their business so they can work with clients and make money.

We have educational products that eliminate confusion by providing all the commercial photography business information and education for photographers who want to know:

  • how to get started as a commercial photographer
  • how to price commercial photography jobs
  • how to get into commercial photography
  • how to get commercial photography work
  • how to get into advertising photography
  • how much to charge for a commercial photography shoot
  • how to create commercial photography contracts
  • how to create a commercial photography quote
  • how to plan and organize a commercial photo shoot
  • how to set commercial photography day rates
  • how to succeed in commercial photography

And so much more.

We provide informational guides, PDFs, forms and other documents for new and aspiring commercial photographers, written by highly established commercial photographers.

All products contain bundled elements (guides, forms, documents, examples, etc) which maximizes the value to our customers.

Our products include:

  • Business of Commercial Advertising Photography Course
  • Commercial Photography Contracts & Releases Bundle
  • Commercial Photography Pricing Course
  • Commercial Photography Marketing Course
  • Commercial Photography for Small Businesses Course

Click through to the shop to find the perfect commercial photography business course for you, and get all of your business questions answered.

Your future success as a professional commercial photographer will thank you!

Learn how to start booking more clients and making more money TODAY


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