About The Image Crafters

The Image Crafters Manifesto

Our simple focus is to connect, networkshare resources and support each other

Our big-picture goal is to elevate and improve the commercial photography industry for all who work in it.

Welcome. We are happy you are here.


Embracing commercial photo industry people from all walks of life around the world


Creating an open, welcoming, transparent, collaborative space for all in the industry


Supporting each other through the challenges, changes, confusions and celebrations

Who is The Image Crafters

Jamie Piper, a longtime commercial photographer, is the human behind The Image Crafters platform.

About Jamie:

Jamie has been a photographer since 1999, and a professional photographer since 2003. She did her first commercial photo shoot in 2003 for a dog massage therapist. Her first ‘big’ shoot was in 2008 for one of the world’s biggest companies. She’s been shooting for major ad agencies since 2010.

Snapshot of Jamie:

What: Commercial Photographer // Educator // Author

Since when: 2003

Location: Home base: San Diego CA, USA + shoots in LA and nationally.

Photography Genres: animals & kids (lifestyle + studio advertising photos)

Clients include: Pedigree, Purina, Frontline, Bravecto, Petco, Milk-Bone, Covetrus, Sergeants and more.

Who she shoots for: (stills) big agencies & big brands; (video) businesses of all sizes.

What it’s like on her sets: this tells you everything you want to know about that.

Kind Words

‘Jamie is the only person I trust to provide solid, reliable, current information about commercial photography. She demystifies and illuminates this opaque, confusing corner of the photography industry, in a way that no others do. The insider knowledge she shares helps empower me to both assess potential work and negotiate with confidence.’

Carol Baker


A message to you from Jamie

Before you read my message, you may want to check out the article I wrote on the blog about why I created this resource.

First, I’m so glad you are here! The fact that you come seeking knowledge makes me very very happy.

Why? Because your increased knowledge will serve to improve not just your business, or my business, but the industry as a whole. WIN-WIN-WIN!

If you are just getting started in the industry, or here after trying to figure things out on your own for several years, I understand how you are likely feeling right now.

I’ve been exactly where you are.

I totally get how confusing and overwhelmimg it can all be.

And I am here to help. I love to help.

Please let me help you learn how to:

  • Get paid what you are worth
  • Create passive revenue every year
  • Prevent being taken advantage of by companies
  • Avoid risky situations
  • Determine how to market to get more clients
  • Successfully negotiate with clients
  • Learn about copyright and legal stuff
  • Create a self-supporting career

I don’t have alllll the answers, but I have a lot of them.

The four ways you can get my support:

  1. Read my in-depth articles. (Believe it or not they barely scratch the surface of the business side of the industry!)
  2. Join our Facebook Community and come chat with me in the group
  3. Purchase an educational product (if you are like 98% of buyers, you’ll want this one)
  4. Follow my tips on our new Instagram channel

If there’s anything you don’t see here that you need, please feel free to reach out.

And definitely come join us in the Facebook group.

Looking forward to seeing you in there!