In preparation for upcoming website and product changes, we are no longer accepting new affiliates. Thank you for your understanding.


It’s about you helping us help you by joining our mini-army of sales agents who help put our content into their customers/fans hands- the people who need it the most.

Who benefits?

You benefit by making easy hands-off commissions from purchases your customers/fans make.

Your customers and fans benefit by discovering products that their business needs that they wouldn’t have otherwise heard of or known about.

We benefit by increased sales and higher visibility within markets that are difficult to target.


An affiliate program allows any registered and approved affiliate to provide special custom links to our products to their customers/fans, and receive a commission on each product purchased from our website by their own customers/fans.

To help drive initial sales, we also offer a special coupon code to new affiliates that they can promote to their audience. (We can also offer unique codes during the holidays, and upon request as well).

The more people you point, and the more often you point them to our products, the more money you will make. It will cost you nothing but a little bit of time to share the links, and it doesn’t cost the customer you refer to us any more money than if they had found us in any other way. And actually, we don’t generally provide discounts, so their relationship with you will be a special one in that it will be one of the only ways they can get a discount.


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