Frequently Asked Questions about The Image Crafters Community

If you are interested in signing up for our Community, you may have questions.

We have answers!

Q: Is the community just for commercial photographers?

A: The community is for a wide variety of different positions in the industry, including but not limited to:

commercial photographers // videographers / dps // digitechs // photo assistants // shoot producers // production assistants // hair & makeup artists // prop/set stylists // wardrobe stylists // consultants + educators // location scouts // photographer’s agents / reps // art buyers // art directors + creative directors + brand managers // other industry professionals

Q: Why would I want another website to log into?

A: As a professional who cares about keeping your data and your client's data secure, you are already using a password-management system like LastPass or similar.

So your username + password will be autofilled in the Community login form by your password-management app.

The login process will take seconds.

You can also save a link to the Community in your bookmarks bar for easy access.

You'll soon find that logging into the Community will become a standard and easy part of your day.

Q: I'm already in industry Facebook groups, why would I want to use this?

A: Due to Meta's new Feeds/Videos algorithms, Facebook groups are now becoming ghost towns. 

Post in even the biggest Facebook groups these days and you’ll be lucky to get a comment or two.

Unlike Facebook, the meat of our Community is the forums, over 100 of them.

They are all organized by topic, which makes the information very granular and organized. They are also easy to search, unlike Facebook groups.

In addition to our forums are our groups, which are broken down into subclasses, including:

  • creatives
  • crew
  • buyers
  • support
  • locations

We also have every sub-genre of photography represented in individual groups.

Each group has it’s own discussion forum, photo feed, activity feed, etc.

So it’s really nothing like Facebook.

It’s much, much better.


Q: How long does it take to be approved?

A: 7-10 days on average.

We try and review applications and send new member details once per week, but it totally depends on how many requests we receive each week.

We appreciate your patience getting into our Community!

Have additional questions you’d like to get answers to?

Drop us a line and we’ll happily answer all of them.