Frequently Asked Questions about The Image Crafters Community

If you are interested in signing up for our Community, you may have questions.

We have answers!

Q: Is the community just for commercial photographers?

A: The community is for a wide variety of different positions in the industry, including but not limited to:

commercial photographers // videographers / dps // digitechs // photo assistants // shoot producers // production assistants // hair & makeup artists // prop/set stylists // wardrobe stylists // consultants + educators // location scouts // photographer’s agents / reps // art buyers // art directors + creative directors + brand managers // other industry professionals

Q: Do I have to subscribe for a minimum number of months?

A: No, subscribe for a month, six months, or a lifetime.

It's up to you and how much you want to improve your career and connect with others.

Q: Is there a long-term contract?

A: For the monthly plan- no. Subscribe and pay for your subcription on a month-by-month basis. 

In the case of the monthly plan, your subscription will renew on the same date each month unless and until you cancel it. 

If you subscribe to an annual plan, you are pre-paying for 12 months. 

In the case of the annual plan, your subscription will renew on the same date each year. 

Q: If I need to pause my membership, can I do that?

A: Yes, you can!

You can pause and restart your membership from the membership tab of your account. No approval required.

Q: How hard is it to cancel my membership?

A: It's easy!

There is a link to your membership information page in both the profile menu and left sidebar menu.

In your membership page you can cancel or even pause your membership at any time.

You don't need to go through some lengthy questionnaire or wait for approval. You have full control over your membership.

Q: How will being in the community help my business?

A: It really depends on what you are most interested in and where you are in your career.

If you are at the place in your career where you don’t have a lot of questions, then you might focus your time on listening to the weekly Behind the Curtain interviews with industry pros, where you will always learn something new, or at least be reminded of things you know but don’t implement.

You may also appreciate being in a directory that buyers resource to find creatives and/or crew.

You may also value being able to more easily source people to work with, be it crew or consultants or other industry pros.

If you are still getting up and running with your commercial photography services, you may love being able to take free mini-courses that go over some of the basics, so you don’t have to spend time searching for that information.

You’ll also value having access to free resources and documents that help you thrive when you start working with commercial clients.

Finally you’ll find that having the ability to receive thoughtful, meaningful responses in the discussion forums to be invaluable, as you seek answers to all your burning questions.

No matter where you are in your career, you’ll find value in the Community.

Q: Why would I want another website to log into?

A: As a professional who cares about keeping your data and your client's data secure, you are already using a password-management system like LastPass or similar.

So your username + password will be autofilled in the Community login form by your password-management app.

The login process will take seconds.

You can also save a link to the Community in your bookmarks bar for easy access.

You'll soon find that logging into the Community will become a standard and easy part of your day.

Q: I'm already in industry Facebook groups, why would I want to use this?

A: Comparing Facebook groups to the Community is like comparing a single child's building block to a fully constructed Lego city.

In comparison to the Community, Facebook groups are 'Community Lite', and can really only be compared to a single forum thread with all topics combined into one.

Forums comprise only 1/15th of the Community's content, and the Community contains over 100 unique topic-focused forums. 

Facebook groups are great for people whose needs are limited to having quick questions that don't require answers with tons of forethought or details. 'Bite-sized' pieces of information if you will.

They are also great for those who don't need to do much searching for information, as the Facebook group search functionality is greatly lacking. 

The Community Groups and Forums are for people who are serious about their businesses, seek to have more meaningful, in-depth discussions with others, and need more detailed, thorough answers to their questions than they typically receive on Facebook. Answers that don't just come from their peers, who are trying to figure out the same things. 

The Community is for industry professionals who also care about things beyond just simple q&a forums, like learning from industry experts, attending events and meeting their peers IRL, participating in monthly challenges, learning about specific topics in an organized way, learning about new job opportunities, accessing resources for their business, and being part of a directory that buyers use to source creatives.

All of these things are in one place, and only one click away from each other, unlike on Facebook, where you have a) a fraction of these things, and have to go digging for multiple resources, wading through endless ads along the way.

Q: When will I be billed for the monthly membership?

A: On the same day of the month you initially signed up for your membership. 

E.g. if you signed up on the 15th, your payment will be automatically withdrawn on the 15th of each month unless and until you cancel. 

Q: When will I be billed for the annual membership?

A: On the same day of the month and same month of the year you initially signed up for your annual membership.

E.g. if you signed up on August 26th, your payment will be automatically withdrawn on August 26th of each year unless and until you cancel.

Have additional questions you’d like to get answers to?

Drop us a line and we’ll happily answer all of them.