Commercial Photography Contracts & Releases

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Protect yourself legally and appear more experienced and professional by using comprehensive contracts and releases for every project.

The Commercial Photography Contracts & Releases includes:

  • Sample Commercial Photography Agreement / Terms of Use (‘commercial photography contract’)
  • Instructions on how to use the agreement + where to put it before sending to your client
  • Change order form (eliminates unpaid work on set)
  • Call sheet (for crew + talent)
  • Model releases (adult and minor in word, pages and PDF versions)

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This product is also included in the Commercial Photography for Small Businesses Course, as well as the Business of Commercial Photography Course (which contains all the courses in the shop) .

This is a digital product that will be available for immediate download after purchase.


**Notice: The Image Crafters is a not law firm or an attorney, and nothing in this product constitutes legal advice. The documents in this product are for business reference, and we highly recommend having a lawyer review your agreements prior to using them for your business. By purchasing this product you agree to our Terms and Conditions.**

The Commercial Photography Contracts & Releases includes documents and contracts you need in order to successfully and effectively work with commercial clients and models.

The Commercial Photography Agreement / Terms of Use functions as your legal agreement (e.g. ‘commercial photography contract’) when attached to a bid or estimate, and communicates expectations, outlines legal obligations on both sides, covers payment, additional expenses, indemnity, copyright, product rejection, cancellation fees, and more. Includes instructions on how to use the agreement and where to put it in an estimate.

The change order form is what you need to protect yourself from cost overages on shoots when clients add additional requests at the last minute and/or on shoot days. The change order form outlines additional requests and costs.

The call sheet is what you (or your producer) use to organize the team’s schedule each day, so everyone knows where and when to meet, along with any special details they need to know for shoot days.

The model releases (adult and minor) will come in handy when working with adult and minor models. They can be copied into an electronic model release app or printed and used as paper copies.

The documents were created by Jamie Piper, a commercial advertising photographer with over 20 years of experience in the industry, and reviewed by an IP attorney who specializes in working with commercial photographers.

All Rights Reserved on all content. U.S. copyright #1-6387505771.

4 reviews for Commercial Photography Contracts & Releases

  1. Melissa

    My business partner was getting tired of watching me stress about our commercial photography contract, so she did a Google search and found this, and I’m so glad she did. It’s going to save us bunches of time in researching and downloading crappy templates that don’t apply to us. Also, I didn’t even know what a change order was or had ever even heard of it, and now that I have it and see how it’s referred to in the terms, I know how important it is. WHEW. No more stressing! At least not over this ha ha.

  2. Tom H.

    When an ad agency emailed me and requested a proposal and estimate I thought I’d search the internet and cobble something together from the contracts I found in random places. Well after a few hours of that, I decided to wise up and make an investment into a document that I felt confident would protect me. The contract in this bundle is similar to other contracts I found in Google, but contains even more information, and is concise and specific, while being easy to understand and not too ‘lawyery’. I sent off my proposal a few days ago, and now I wait. If I don’t get the job, one thing I will know for sure- it won’t be because I have an unprofessional contract.

  3. Christopher L.

    I’ve been a wedding photographer for a long time, and I thought I had it handled when it came to contracts. But when I got my first ad gig I felt overwhelmed by what to include and didn’t feel too confident with what I sent off to the client. I was relieved when I stumbled on this after I read the blog post about what to put in a contract. That post pretty much confirmed my fears- I def forgot some important stuff in that contract for the first gig! The good news- not gonna happen again now that I have this. It’s also nice to know that it was created by a legit commercial photographer who knows the ins and outs of the industry. Thx!

  4. Ishranth

    It’s good. Saved me a lot of time that I could use working on my photo skills instead.

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