Commercial Photography for Small Businesses and Brands Course

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NEW IN 2023.

The Commercial Photography for Small Businesses and Brands Course is your source for detailed, comprehensive information on shooting for small businesses and brands.

This product is also included in full in the Business of Commercial Photography Course, which contains all the courses in the shop.


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5 reviews for Commercial Photography for Small Businesses and Brands Course

  1. Heather M.

    I had been trying for months to piece together all of the details required to provide commercial services to prospective pet businesses in my city (pet photography is my niche) as it was evident there was clearly a need. Then Jamie’s guides came along and wow! All of the information in this guide that specifically addresses smaller businesses, from detailed pricing samples, the intricacies of licensing and usage, as well as how to build ongoing relationships with these businesses is absolutely invaluable and worth every penny. Within 2 weeks of my commercial services launch, I’ve made 4 bookings and the enquiries keep coming. Don’t hesitate to buy this guide, especially if you are starting out in the commercial world. It’s a confidence booster and will save you hours of time trying to sort out all of the details on your own!

  2. Holly C.

    I loved that Jamie takes the mysterious and confusing world of commercial photography for small businesses and dissects it bit by bit. I walked away with a much better understanding of, not only the commercial animal photography industry (my niche), but also of the worth of my work. I am able to intelligently talk with prospective clients about how I can help them with my images. Jamie’s courses are one of the best investments I’ve made in my education.

  3. Jo L.

    I have so much to learn about commercial photography as I want to start working with other local pet-related businesses but really had no idea on even where to start, so this information is very valuable to me. There is so much information provided so I’m now setting the task to get through it all and start approaching businesses I know I can help, but ensure I get paid appropriately.

  4. Jessie W.

    Most of my past photography work was in portraiture so as I continued venturing into commercial photography I felt somewhat lost…especially when it came to understanding pricing and licensing images. When I came across the opportunity to purchase the Big Commercial Photography Bundle on sale from Jamie, I jumped on it. I started with the Big Commercial Photography Guide and then onto the Small Business Guide because most of my clients are entrepreneurs or small business. EVERYTHING CLICKED (no pun intended). That guide was EXACTLY what I was looking for to help me understand pricing and the process for which I needed to hold my clients to. I feel so much more confident with my understanding of commercial photography but also I’m feeling so much better about my business. I would really really really recommend it if you work with small businesses or entrepreneurs. I truly am glad I invested in it!

  5. Melissa

    I was going to buy the biggest bundle, but I feel intimidated by the thought of working with a big client, so I decided to buy this one instead. It’s perfect for my business needs for now. It’s exactly what I needed and is going to help so much when it comes to approaching businesses in my town.

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