Commercial Photography Pricing Course

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Stop leaving money on the table and start being taken more seriously by potential commercial clients by creating logical, well thought-out pricing that brings you immediate and long-term profit.

The Commercial Photography Pricing Course includes:

  • The Big List of Assignment Questions
  • Commercial Photography Pricing Guide
  • 9 real-world bids (client information redacted)
  • Fees & Expenses Glossary of Terms
  • Bid Descriptions & Details Document

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This product is also included in full in the Business of Commercial Advertising Photography Course, which contains all the courses in the shop.

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The Commercial Photography Pricing Course contains in-depth information you need to start calculating commercial photography rates and fees.

Commercial clients can always tell when you don’t know what you are doing in the money department, and contrary to popular belief, under-bidding can and will cost you jobs.

Arm yourself with knowledge so you can present a professional bid by applying the information you learn in this course to your next assignment. The course will more than pay for itself with your first job.

You’ll begin with The Big List of Assignment Questions, a list of 43 different questions you can ask your client in order to get more information on their needs. The questions help you gain critical information that you need in order to calculate proper pricing for both fees and expenses. Without the proper answers to many of these questions, you will end up underbidding, and lose money, or overbidding, and lose the job.

The 96-page Commercial Photography Pricing Guide includes information on:

  • Bids vs. estimates
  • Bids/estimates vs. treatsments
  • Pricing & critical thinking
  • Pricing ‘truths’
  • Required pricing software
  • Determining production value
  • Doing research
  • Photography fees vs production expenses
  • Determining photography + usage fees
  • Usage/licensing fees
  • Usage fee calculation examples
  • Production expenses
  • Getting help
  • Creating a treatment
  • How to increase chances of landing a job
  • Soft hold vs. hard hold
  • Negotiations
  • Walk price
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Standard negotiation process
  • Award + retainer
  • Creative call
  • Payment steps
  • Invoicing for advance + balance due

The six illustrative real-world bids (client information redacted) will enlighten you to what fees and expenses a commercial photo shoot might incur, and break down all the expenses into logical categories, and the Bid Descriptions & Details Document provides qualifying information on each bid.

The Fees & Expenses Glossary of Terms walks you through each fee and expense you are likely to charge in a commercial photo shoot, and provides a typical range of prices for each.

The documents and guides in the course are indispensable for confidently calculating commercial photography pricing, and presenting it to clients in a knowledgeable and professional way.

The course was created by Jamie Piper, a commercial advertising photographer with 19 years of experience in the industry, and reviewed by an IP attorney who specializes in working with commercial photographers.

All Rights Reserved on all course content. U.S. copyright #1-6387505771.

1 review for Commercial Photography Pricing Course

  1. Adriana

    So, I pretty much failed math in school. I can do it, but trying to solve complex problems makes my brain hurt. I read some other blogs about commercial photography pricing where you charge one price for the first photo, and then a different price for the second, and then try and calculate diminishing value (returns?) for the rest, and I was confused and discouraged, because I. just. didn’t. get. it. Not to say that the content of this bundle ‘easy’ to digest, but it definitely made more sense to my math-challenged brain. I feel much more confident about my pricing now, and there is logic to it, whereas before I just pulled a number out of the ether. Also, not gonna lie- some of those numbers in those big bids got me pretty excited. Who knows how often they happen- but hey- a girl can dream!

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