Estimate Review

***As of December 2022, Jamie is no longer providing the estimate review service.***

Estimate feedback from Image Crafters owner and commercial photographer Jamie Piper to review a single estimate PDF that you have already created.

Jamie will take a look at and leave comments/feedback on:

  • Photography fees
  • Usage fees
  • Expenses
  • Project description
  • Usage license

This will help you feel more confident about your fees and expenses before sending the estimate to your client.

See below for full product details.


***As of December 2022, Jamie is no longer providing the estimate review service.***

When you need experienced eyes to look over an estimate you have created before you send it off to your client, hire Jamie to do the review for you.

The purpose of the review is to increase your chances of landing the job.

Jamie has created and reviewed hundreds of estimates ranging in price from $2k-$250k over the past 20 years, and is skilled at looking at every detail.

You create your estimate PDF from start-to-finish, and she reviews the:

  • Job description
  • Usage license description
  • Photography fees
  • Usage fees
  • Expenses
  • Estimate terms

She will provide the review in a video file where she records a walkthrough of your estimate, providing commentary on everything you’ve included in your estimate. You will be able to download the video and review it whenever you need.

After you sign up Jamie will send you a simple form to complete that you can upload your estimate to.

This is designed to be a straightforward feedback service and not a ‘create-from-scratch’ service.

Please see the other consulting options for estimate creation assistance.

After you book, please complete this questionnaire. Estimates may be redacted for privacy.

Feel free to reach out with any questions before booking.


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