The Business of Commercial Photography Course

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The Business of Commercial Photography Course is your only source for detailed, comprehensive information on the business of commercial photography. If you want to be successful as a commercial photographer, you need this course. 

Includes the 356-page Big Commercial Photography Guide, plus 9 additional guides, and 11 documents & forms totaling 520 pages.

All the content was created for new and aspiring commercial photographers, and/or those with limited commercial experience who would like to advance that part of their business.

Includes information you need to know to properly:

  • communicate with prospective commercial clients
  • estimate and bid jobs
  • calculate usage fees
  • negotiate prices
  • work with small and local businesses
  • create a marketing plan
  • get your first client
  • deliver files
  • work with clients for the first time
  • craft a commercial photography ‘contract’ (e.g. terms & conditions)
  • prepare a treatment
  • prepare for a commercial photo shoot
  • understand the realities of the industry



Buy today and receive a free Bid – Estimate Creation Checklist plus a free Commercial Photo Shoot Preparation Checklist (A $50 total value). Just click the red coupon code in your cart to get the free checklists. (Free gift with purchase is not combinable with discount promo codes.)

This is a downloadable digital product. No physical/tangible products are included.


**Notice: The Image Crafters is a not law firm or an attorney, and nothing in this product constitutes legal advice. The documents in this course are for business reference, and we highly recommend having a lawyer review your agreements prior to using them for your business. By purchasing this course you agree to the Terms and Conditions.**

Comprehensive information on the business of commercial photography. 

The 356-page Big Commercial Photography Guide, plus 9 additional guides, and 11 documents and forms totaling 520 pages.

Includes the following 10 guides:

  1. The Big Commercial Photography Guide (356 pages)
  2. Commercial Photography for Small Businesses Guide. (Also available separately in the Commercial Photography for Small Businesses Course.)
  3. The Big List of Assignment Questions
  4. Fees & Expenses Glossary of Terms. (Also available separately in the Commercial Photography Pricing Course.)
  5. First-time clients guide. (Also available separately in the Commercial Photography for Small Businesses Course.)
  6. Estimate / Bid Terms & Conditions ‘Commercial Photography Contract’ (Also available separately in the Commercial Photography Contracts & Releases Course)
  7. Real World Work-for-Hire Pitch
  8. Commercial Photography Treatment
  9. Commercial Animal Photography Mini-Guide.
  10. Bid Descriptions & Details Document. (Also available separately in the Commercial Photography Pricing Course.)
  11. Commercial Photography marketing resource list. (Also available separately in the Commercial Photography Marketing Course.)

Includes the following 11 documents and forms:

  1. 6 Real-Life Commercial Photography Bids from $2,400-$98,000. (Also available separately in the Commercial Photography Pricing Course.)
  2. Adult commercial model release (pages, word and PDF versions)
  3. Minor commercial model release (pages, word and PDF versions)
  4. Change Order Form
  5. Call Sheet template

This course provides a 50% savings over buying each course separately.

The course was created by Jamie Piper, a commercial advertising photographer with over 20 years of experience in the industry, and reviewed by an IP attorney who specializes in working with commercial photographers.

All Rights Reserved on all course content. U.S. copyright #1-6387505771.

10 reviews for The Business of Commercial Photography Course

  1. Suzanne S.

    I just received this a few days ago….and let me say it is a massive amount of information to digest. Jamie has done a lot of work for us, that otherwise is almost impossible to find ( and I have tried to find it). This is worth way more than the price tag attached to it. I have not met other photographers who are so forthright and open with the knowledge that they had to work so hard to obtain. She has given us the tools, we just need to use them! Thank you Jamie!! I can not wait to get all the way through the mountain of information!

  2. Kimberly B.

    Wow! Just Wow! so much information on commercial photography that cannot be found elsewhere. Commercial photography information is hard to wrap your brain around and Jamie has put it all into a simple way to understand. I do not have to scour the internet anymore to find incomplete information.

    She gives real life information, quotes and even how to get your models, assistants etc lined up. Worth the small price for amazing information. Thank you Jamie for putting all your hard work into this material!

  3. Cathy P.

    So, I’ve been trying to find information on selling commercial photography for while. I recently sold an image to a greeting card company and I wish I had these guides in my hands before I did it. I spent hours on-line trying to find the information I needed, some information I found – a lot I didn’t – and Jamie has put together a concise, easy-to-read and comprehensive guide to selling your work in the commercial world. She has put a wealth of information into these Guides. I’ve only got a small way through all of it and already had many of my questions answered. I’m excited to continue to read it and I’m sure get the rest of my questions answered. Jamie has always been very generous with her time and knowledge with other photographers and this product is no different. If you are contemplating seeing your photography in the commercial world, run to buy this bundle!

  4. Jo L.

    This bundle is absolutely amazing! I have so much to learn about commercial photography as I want to start working with other pet-related businesses but really had no idea on even where to start, so this guide is very valuable to me. There is so much information provided so I’m now setting the task to get through it all and start approaching businesses I know I can help, but ensure I get paid appropriately.

  5. Carina T.

    An amazing resource chock full of very valuable information! If you’re considering entering the commercial market, you won’t find another guide that has anything close to what Jamie has so generously shared.

  6. Sara R.

    If you’ve ever tried to put a commercial bid together, you know that you literally cannot find or buy this kind of information anywhere remotely near this price. The content and value that you get is mind-blowingly epic. To be completely honest, I would have gladly paid A LOT more for this content.

  7. Kristy T.

    Jamie has created a very detailed guide for commercial photography. It has so much information that I never would have thought to consider! I’m so glad I ordered this bundle so that I can be prepared when the opportunity for a commercial shoot comes. I won’t have to spend hours searching the internet to find the info I need. I’ll be able to provide a professional looking bid in a timely response to the potential client. If you have any interest in jumping into commercial photography, this is for you.

  8. Allison S.

    This bundle is absolutely incredible! If you’re looking for a few generic tips and a 5-minute read, it’s NOT for you – but if you want real-life stories and advice from someone with tons of experience, then I highly recommend this guide! Jamie shares the perfect mix of actionable strategies and specifics alongside the overarching general mindset that you need to have as a commercial photographer… I’m so glad I bought it and I think it’ll keep re-proving its value as I pick it up to refresh on various topics over the next several years. This info is golden!

  9. Holly R.

    I loved that Jamie takes the mysterious and confusing world of commercial photography and dissect it bit by bit. I walked away with a much better understanding of, not only the commercial photography industry, but of the worth of my work. I am able to intelligently talk with prospective clients about how I can help them with my images. This course is one of the best investments I’ve made in my education.

  10. Kat K.

    I don’t usually leave reviews for products, but I had to for this one. Having gotten a handful of commercial inquiries over these last few years, it’s been a struggle figuring out how this industry works. That is, until I found a consultant to work with who charges $150/hour to help me with putting together estimates 😮 I’ve probably spent over $1000 on fees at this point, and although it has been well worth it, it definitely adds up! I ordered this, and while some information I already knew, there’s enough new material there to add a significant amount of value. I already know it’ll help save time/energy all around from figuring out other things, so I can focus it on doing more important stuff. For the price this is definitely a steal. Thanks so much Jamie, for putting this together. Well worth the investment!

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