“Hi __your name__,

We saw your work and would love to talk to you about potentially shooting a project we have coming up for one of the brands we work with. The client really loves your work.

Are you available sometime this week to discuss pricing and timing?

Thanks and I look forward to talking to you,

Jane Smith
Art Buyer
ABC Advertising Agency


If that inquiry email dropped into your inbox today, would you know:

  • what to say?
  • what questions to ask?
  • how to craft an estimate and price usage?
  • what to include in your commercial photography contract?
  • how to create a treatment that helps you get hired?
  • how to increase your chances of winning a bid?
  • how to negotiate?
  • what to say during a creative call?
  • how to plan and produce the shoot?
  • what to expect on a commercial photo shoot?
  • and all of the other details that go into commercial work?

What’s The Big Commercial Photography Bundle? It’s 520 total pages of information on commercial photography including 10 highly informative guides and 11 time-saving documents. All written in a simple, straightforward, non-intimidating way to make the content easy for you to digest. This bundle includes ALL of the content from all of the other educational bundles.

The guides and documents were designed to be supremely beneficial to photographers who are new to the challenging, secretive, and often confusing world of commercial photography.

The star of the show in this product is the 356-page Big Guide to Commercial Photography, which is a modern, no BS, real world view of the industry as it stands in 2018.

The ‘Big Guide’ is loaded with examples, resources and helpful links; and the chapters on bid/estimate creation, shoot preparation, and marketing are the heaviest on content.

For photographers who want to start off small, there’s the 56-page Commercial Photography for Small Businesses Guide that will help you learn how to add more revenue to your business right away by shooting for local small and medium-sized companies.

If you are ready to dip your toe in the pool of commercial photography and want to increase your revenue by potentially tens of thousands per year (or more), don’t wait until you receive an inquiry like the one above.

Buy the guide and documents today, study and learn the content, be ready to land bids when you get inquiries, and start making more money TODAY.


Click on first photo, and then use arrow keys or swipe to move through each photo.




(The guides that are also available in smaller bundles are hyperlinked)

The Big Commercial Photography Guide 356 page PDF

Commercial Photography for Small Businesses Guide 56 page PDF

The Big List of Assignment Questions 5 page PDF

Fees & Expenses Glossary of Terms 27 page PDF

First-time clients guide 10 page PDF

Estimate / Bid Terms & Conditions (e.g. Commercial Photography ‘Contract’ ) 7 page PDF

Real World Work-for-Hire Pitch 8 page pdf

Commercial Photography Treatment 15 page PDF

Commercial Animal Photography Mini-Guide 31 page PDF

Bid Descriptions & Details Document 12 pages

Commercial Photography Marketing Resource List 15 page PDF


(The documents that are also available in smaller bundles are hyperlinked)

6 Real-Life Commercial Photography Bids from $2,400-$98,000.

4 awarded and 2 not awarded. 6 pages of PDFs

  • Bid #1: $2,400
  • Bid #2: $9,995
  • Bid #3: $16,325
  • Bid #4: $45,700
  • Bid #5: $59,600
  • Bid #6: $98,410

1 Adult commercial model release (pages, word and PDF versions)

1 Minor commercial model release (pages, word and PDF versions)

1 Animal model release (pages, word and PDF versions)

Change Order Form 1 page pdf

Call Sheet template 1 page excel


Carina T.

An amazing resource chock full of very valuable information! If you’re considering entering the commercial market, you won’t find another guide that has anything close to what Jamie has so generously shared.

Jo L.

This bundle is absolutely amazing! There is so much information provided so I’m now setting the task to get through it all and start approaching businesses I know I can help, but ensure I get paid appropriately. 

Cathy P.

I’ve spent hours online trying to find the information I needed, some information I found – a lot I didn’t – and Jamie has put together a concise, easy-to-read and comprehensive guide to selling your work in the commercial world. If you are contemplating seeing your photographs in the commercial world, run to buy this guide!

This is a massive amount of information to digest. This is worth way more than the $299 price tag attached to it. 


commercial photography for small businesses guide 1

If the thought of working with a big advertising agency intimidates you, but you still want to get started with commercial photography, start small. The 56-page Commercial Photography for Small Businesses Guide will show you how to work for small and medium-sized local businesses, from pitching and pricing, to crafting images with commercial appeal and getting referrals to other local businesses. (This guide can also be purchased separately in the Commercial Photography for Small Businesses Bundle.)

Commercial Photography for Small Businesses guide table of contents by CPR: Commercial Photographer's Resources

With the Commercial Photography for Small Businesses guide you can start adding additional revenue to your business right away, without having to wait for the ‘big clients’.


1) The guides and documents are designed for skilled and established professional photographers of any genre who are new (or newish) to commercial photography. They were created with the assumption that the photographer already has an established business and is looking to add commercial photography to their services.

2) The guide & documents are heavy on the business side of traditional commercial advertising photography, which is working for an agency (ad agency, design firm, marketing firm), who is representing a brand that is the agency’s client.

3) The Big Guide to Commercial Photography does not include any of the following:

  • information on photography, lighting, editing or retouching how-to’s (‘how to take pictures’, ‘how to use lighting’, ‘how to edit photos’, etc)
  • information on editorial/magazine photography
  • information on selling images as stock through stock agencies (with the exception of pricing usage licenses)
  • information on working as an hourly or salaried employee photographer for a company
  • information on ‘influencer’ photography (e.g. selling space and photography on your social media accounts)

4) Client information is redacted from all bids and sample treatment.


Because this is the only guide to commercial photography of it’s kind that exists, and because of the comprehensive nature of it’s contents, we imagine you have questions.

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions here, but if you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to the author Jamie Piper and she’ll be happy to provide whatever additional information you need to make a decision about whether the product is right for your needs.

Who is this for?

The guides and documents are designed for established professional photographers of any genre who are new (or newish) to commercial photography. They were created with the assumption that the photographer already has an established business and is looking to add commercial photography to their services, but has limited (or no) commercial experience.

The guides and documents will benefit new photographers too, but all of the guide content assumes that the reader’s photography and editing skills are advanced enough to be prepared for commercial assignments, and that they already have a professional website and processes set up for working with clients. (Invoicing, emails, etc).

Can I buy any of the guides, documents, contracts, releases or forms separately?

Yes! We also have the following smaller ‘mini bundles’, that contain most of the information that’s in the ‘Big Bundle’, broken down into smaller packages:

  1. Commercial Photography Pricing Bundle
  2. Commercial Photography Marketing Bundle
  3. Commercial Photography for Small Businesses Bundle
  4. Commercial Photography Contracts & Releases Bundle
  5. Commercial Animal Photography Bundle

Can I buy the 356-page Big Guide separately?

Unfortunately, no. The Big Guide to Commercial Photography cross-references all of the other elements in the bundle. The Big Guide and all elements of the bundle were all designed to function as a set. Plus, if you need the information in the Big Guide, you definitely need all of the other elements that are included.

Can I print the 356-page big guide?

Certainly. You may print one low-resolution (150dpi) copy for your personal use. (You may also print copies of some of the other guides. Please see the Terms of Use document included in the bundle to learn which guides and documents you can print).

Can I use some of the documents in my business?

Yes. The model releases, call sheet, change order form, estimate / bid terms & conditions and first-time clients guide were designed for you to use in the course of your business in a client-facing capacity.

Is follow-up support and consulting included in the price?

Personalized one-on-one consultation isn’t included in the bundle, although hourly consulting is available from author Jamie Piper for an additional fee, and she’d be happy to help you with things like portfolio review, website development/design, marketing strategies, etc.

You can also get feedback and support in The Business of Commercial Photography Facebook group, a group Jamie created to support both the buyers of her guides and new commercial photographers in general.

The guides are also loaded with links to additional (free) resources for commercial photography that you should find very helpful.

What if I change my mind after I download everything? Can I get a refund?

Sorry, no. Refunds won’t be granted for any reason after the product has been purchased. We feel that we’ve provided more than enough information about the product on this page in order for you to make an informed decision, but if you still have questions before purchasing, please reach out to us.

How do I download the files after I purchase them?

After you complete your purchase you will be automatically forwarded to your account page where you can download the single zip file containing all of the documents, guides and forms. If you prefer to wait to download the file, you may return to your account at any time after purchase, visit the downloads tab, and click on the file name in the ‘downloads’ column. (The file is a zip file). The download link will not expire.

If I have a problem with purchasing or downloading, what do I do?

Technology is weird sometimes but never fear, we’ll help you out and get you taken care of. Just drop us an email.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do!

Read more about our Affiliate Program here.

Does this contain information specific to architectural, food or product photography?

Not specifically, although many of the same rules apply, if the photos will be used commercially to advertise/market a product or service. We plan to add more guides to the shop in the future, so please reach out and let us know what you need.


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